@prannon Write "IT" on your ID badge in black sharpie? ^..^

@prannon ... Acceptable. We will require regular updates!

Loss is a weird thing. It strikes to the heart of us, brings us to our lowest point, and seems like an endless ocean where the only possible thing to do is drown. And then, in the next moment you pick yourself up and carry on, able to function almost as if nothing had happened. It's like a pulled muscle which only hurts when you move it in certain ways but then is fine after a while until you do so again, and time will heal it more and more. We move on, because we have to, even if it takes time.

@reflectivedragon The only issue for me is having a client that feels really nice to use. All of them are just a little too obtuse right now.

@reflectivedragon There's rice called zizania? That's an awesome name I want some!

@Raptorjesus42 Hey that's cool, what are you using to make your music?

@WaywardPlane The more you eat, the more you... conduct wholesome and meaningful interactions on Mastodon via the medium of... toot.

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