this article is crushingly depressing for anyone who's been involved in FOSS but also undisputably correct

> the free software movement died long ago... [what] died with mozilla is the idea that the open source movement could have any other principles than corporate exploitation. i wouldn’t say that the open source movement died per se. it was undead from the moment it began; it won, and with its victory it has stopped pretending to be anything other than a lich.

I love having no need for an alarm clock to wake up in the morning, when the constant amount of road works right outside my window is alarm clock enough on a day to day basis. Hey, I make music sometimes and even post it too, go take a listen to my fiddlings if you're bored.

Nothing like a day filled with potential hospitalization followed by the discovery of a cool website(this one) to really appreciate the little things in life.


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