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Yesterday, I powered through the whole day and then, right around 6p, got the sleepy dry eye that tells you it's time to collapse.

Thought I could just lay down without an alarm to wake me up.

4.5 hours later, I thought it was the next day.

And then I went back to sleep and carried on for another 5 hours.

Again I ask, what is a normal sleep schedule?

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I don't often wonder this, but right now I wonder if it might be, you know .... a bit much

I am once again awake at the ass end of morning hooray

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Going to stream in a bit.

I thought I would be fucked yesterday, cuz I took a 6 hour nap from ~4p to 1030p. But I was able to go back to sleep around 1a and stay in bed until ~630a, so yay I guess?

Hopefully I can power through the rest of today until a proper sleep time.

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I'm not 100% sure yet how all this works here but hiya, I'm Cruz, an Illustrator from Germany who loves nature. 💚
Feel free to say hello!

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Figuring out how this tooting stuff works o/ Have a nervous Sangheili lad, just 'cause.

@Raptorjesus42 test toot, please reply to confirm that it works.

Pran boosted Hey, I make music sometimes and even post it too, go take a listen to my fiddlings if you're bored.

Also, today I discovered the "advanced web interface" for Mastodon, which is like a built in TweetDeck.

I love it!

And thankfully, I can install this Windows only game on my Xubuntu machine using Steam's Proton thingie.

It's basically Steam's fork of WINE, which they integrate directly into the steam client for linux.

Ori has a GOLD rating on ProtoDB, so I'm optimistic that it'll work out:

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Time install Ori and the Will of the Wisps!

Got a StreamShip to run this weekend. :)

Ahh, I am awake once again at the butt ass end of morning.

My 3 week holiday is sadly over today. :( Gotta go back to wooooooooork.

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