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thought for a while about the demographics of the dudes who are likely to be on the frontier of space colonization (young rich-but-not-well-connected dudes Roughing It to demonstrate their machismo) and realized something about colonialism for the first time

Got vaccine dose number two yesterday and I am in a lot of pain this morning. Difficult time sleeping.

"The Moon is Down" by Explosions in the Sky is a masterpiece.

I excessively aspire to aspirational aspirations of exceedingly excessive excelling excellence.

Everyone's trying to invent the new infrastructure.



let the nonsense flow through you

soft rain to the distant thundering tunes of a dying storm

Absolutely everyone is watching all the time.

I watched a video on youtube the other day about Nostalgia Critic and his "review" of The Wall.

It was an interesting video, but more important it has me thinking about The Wall again.

Gonna move on the direction of abandoning Twitter, and hopefully post here more often.

After watching Lindsey Ellis' "mask off" video yesterday, I'm reasonably convinced that Twitter is just bad and that I don't need to be really On It anymore.

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