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free 'sketch' 82 for in which Retro vows revenge against a digital antagonist that impugned the honor of his date friend called fifi

I was a bit ill yesterday and this drawing may have turned out more strangely than was initially intended

I spent the whole afternoon doing the cook yesterday and everything was delicious

I'm looking forward to spending literally the whole day cooking shit on thimsk gibbon

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Lizard Potat seems to have some stuck shed on his tail.

We got one layer of it off the other day and ever since then he's given indications that it's still sore and still bothers him.

Trying some home remedies with the resident friend dragon!

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*giving Potato the Beardie a bath*

*Potato inflates himself the better to swim*

My dumb dragon-trapped-in-human-brain: "oh no he's self-destructing!!?!?!"

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if your economy cannot survive without mass human sacrifice i need you to seriously consider that your economy is a death god

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Celeste, I don't know if I should call this a spoiler but it's gender stuff 

Just found out that the writer for Celeste has finally given written confirmation that, yeah, as most folks I know who played the game figured, Madeline is trans. Even if the author didn't actually know that at the time. Kind of a Matrix situation, I guess!

Article link:

Tweet link:

Thorny lives with me. I am still reckoning with this.

Thorny is singing in the bathroom again and I am here for this.

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lets play a game called pat the dragon

im the dragon :dragnowo:

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I have been tormenting @reflectivedragon with Brodyquest for days. It has to be done.

I have discovered how to make homemade hamburger helper and it's amazing.

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vrchat drgn avatar ads for other people 

so, @chr and @Veladynee and @flyingfox and @Canageek and @rockario and @storm and I were discussing VRChat avatars and later conversation (that not everyone was present for) mentioned how Japanese avatar creators tend to have better dragon options than North Americans. I have been browsing around a bit and now I have a huge unsorted pile of dragon or lizard-person avatar links, take a look: (khr linked this one first!)

Lots of good options here.

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