Latest iteration of @technomancy 's Atreus keyboard.

The plates are made of steel, and the keycaps are made of steel and brass.

Would there be interest in a group buy of a keyboard like this? If there's interest, I can do some cost research and figure out what a good breakeven point would be.

CC @technomancy (in case you have followers who might be interested)

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@prannon that's amazing! do you have the gear to do milling and stuff yourself or did you order out for it? looks super slick!

@technomancy I got the keycaps made through :) It was expensive, but I'd say that I got a decent deal this time.

3 sets of the caps for about 1.8k USD.

@clarjon1 @technomancy The metal caps are heavier than normal, so the switches actuate with a lot less typing pressure.

This keyboard really enables touch typing.

@pepijndevos @technomancy Oh yes, definitely. The metal caps are a lot heavier than plastic ones.

It's interesting! The materials might benefit from a stiffer keyswitch.

@prannon @technomancy at first I was thinking this could do serious melee damage, but on second thought, there could be blades folded up in there too

@joeyh @technomancy

It's actually really heavy when carrying it around. I have very little doubt this would fuck someone's face if swung.

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