mh & capitalism 

I always thought it was self-evident that a large portion of mental illnesses are detrimental largely because of the inflexibility and cruelty of capitalism.

Nobody in their right mind thinks that ADHD, for example, would magically disappear in a socialist system, but it would probably be a lot better for those who have it if we had an economic system that didn't require 60 hours of on-demand focus each week to remain housed.

I would certainly like that.


mh & capitalism 

So it's strange to me that people on Twitter are misrepresenting that line of thinking as just another example of neurotypical people doing that thing where they say "actually, the symptoms of [insert diagnosis] apply to everyone so your condition isn't real."

mh & capitalism, lgbtq 

It sort of reminds me of the discomfort I have always had in LGBTQ spaces where people feel the need to intensely insist that queerness is destiny, which I attribute to fear: Fear that, if some aspect of queerness, however small, were a choice or a result of environment, the fight for queer rights would suffer a legitimacy crisis as a result.

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